Turner International Asia Pacific has acquired full Korean Drama syndication and broadcast rights for the highly-awaited Korean drama series, Saimdang, across all platforms in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Awards), Special Award for Foreign Drama (Tokyo International Drama Festival Awards), Golden Rose (Children & Youth) Award (Rose d’Or Awards) and Best Foreign Soap Opera (USTv Students’ Choice Awards). The major reason for me even purchasing a subscription is so I can watch the dramas when I’m not on my galaxy tab and this is not worth it. Even though viki is a bit buggy, I never have to deal with issues like this. You see, they made me memorize the advertisement ‘s script instead of entertaining me with Korean Dramas!

So I’m looking forward to seeing him do some real doctoring besides baby-sitting Yeo Jin and of course to watch the couple dynamics unfold between 2 rebellious people. Keeping your baby sister in an induced coma is such a modern take on the involuntary mental hospital admissions and the mask in The Man in the Iron Mask. I wasn’t planning on watching this since the premise is not something that I’d normally watch but thanks to the high ratings I decided to check it out. Now that Mask and I Remember You r over, im looking forward to something else to take my post-drama blues away.

KBFD-DT in Honolulu, Hawaii broadcasts a majority of Korean dramas on its daily schedule, as well as offering the programs on sale at its website and on demand through its K-Life channel on Oceanic Time Warner Cable Another Honolulu outlet, KFVE devotes three hours of its Sunday afternoon schedule to Korean dramas. A stellar cast starring idol-turned-actor Lee Joon and the perfect production team from Secret Love Affair tackle teen pregnancy in South Korea with all the darkness and drama you’ll ever need this year! I also love her co-star, Joo Sang Wook, who I mainly know from from Ten So, I can’t wait to see them take on some bad guys while falling in love in this Korean drama!

I cannot put my finger on exactly why I react this way as the world building in the show is not objectively spectacular although the show does make an effort which is more than most Korean dramas do. I think the effort made by the show and the genre elements made already familiar by shows that came before like 49 Days” (2011) pushed the show over the top for me.

A series of new murders that seem to have a connection have begun to emerge and the team suspects the man on the top of their wanted list. The agreement includes all distribution rights including for pay-TV, free-to-air and SVOD, and allows for broadcast as quickly as 10 minutes after the series’ initial Korean telecast. Lee takes on two roles – a university lecturer of Korean art in the present day and 16th century historical figure Shin Saimdang. These comments are in stark contrast with more common depictions of Korean drama shoots and many prior instances of on-set conflicts.